Chubbytania British Shorthair Cattery

About the British Shorthair

The British Shorthair was one of the first pedigree cats to appear in shows during the late 19th century. The breed is highly popular in Europe and is steadily gaining a following in Canada and the US.

The attractive British Shorthair is a very affectionate household pet, is particularly good with children, and gets along well with other pets.


The British Shorthair is a powerful and well-balanced cat with a full broad chest, short strong legs, a round head with big round eyes, and a thick tail. The ears are small and slightly rounded at the tip. Females weigh between 6 and 9 pounds and males average between 10 and 14 pounds.

One of the most appealing features of the British Shorthair is its amazing short dense coat. It feels like velvet and together with rounded paws makes British Shorthair cats look like teddy bears. The coat needs minimal care but has a luxurious feeling!

Another appealing feature of the British Shorthair is the “Cheshire smile” caused by the round prominent whisker pads — the breed was the model for the Cheshire Cat illustrations in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

British Shorthair cats are also noted for their large, round, wide-opened eyes and chubby cheeks.

All colors are recognized in various shades and sizes, and the signature one is blue.


British Shorthair cats are ideal human companions — curious, independent and loyal. They like to be around people, follow them and supervise all aspects of life in the house, but at the same time do not demand too much attention. They are “British” and it defines their character: intelligent, noble and even-tempered. British Shorthair cats are calm and serious cats when they mature (around 4 years of age) but may play like kittens from time to time. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, it is the good breed to choose for children and first-time pet owners. They also usually make friends with other household pets. British Shorthairs adapt well to any size household and usually can stay alone for a few hours without feeling stressed (if there are two of them it is even easier). Mostly, they don't like to sit on the laps and talk infrequently. They usually get along with all members of the family regardless of age and gender, but don't really like to be carried.


Due to its trusting, sweet nature, this breed is best suited for indoor living. They are easy to care for since the thick coat does not tangle and regular combing (once or twice a week) is all that is required to keep it in good condition.


On the whole, British Shorthairs are healthy and long lived cats. You can expect a British Shorthair cat to live between 14 and 20 years.


The British Shorthair is recognized by every exhibiting association in the world. From England to the US and Canada, Europe to Australia and New Zealand, the British Shorthair is a well-known participant in cat shows. As a result of its easy-going nature and intelligence, the British Shorthair has become a favorite of animal trainers for use in Hollywood films and television commercials.

Finding a British Shorthair Breeder

There are a relatively small number of British Shorthair breeders in Canada and the US, and most produce very few kittens each year. You probably will have to get on a waiting list, especially if you have your heart set on a specific color.

Breeders usually make kittens available between twelve and sixteen weeks of age. The experts seem to agree that kittens first start bonding with humans around the age of twelve weeks. After twelve weeks, kittens have had their basic inoculations, have been weaned, and have had the time to become well-adjusted. Most breeders require that they remain safely indoors and that they are spayed/neutered.